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Antiquarian bookshop InterLibros offers service from the field of precious prints trade.
Except from standard service of selling items we are in the possession of and purchase of interesting prints we can offer special service

PURCHASE MEDIATION - Due to being on the antiquarian market for many years in Poland and Eastern Europe countries we are able to reach attractive price of rare prints. The purchase from private libraries' owners are always made in the full agreement with our Clients, after delivery of information about the condition and provenance of the print.
We also offer realization of orders for current items.

REPREZENTATION OF THE CLIENT ON AUCTIONS - On request, we send per mail current offer of Polish auction houses to everyone interested in purchasing in Poland. After certain authorization made by person interested in purchasing we will take part in the auction.

Conditions of mediation in certain purchase are set individually, however, according to some general rules; payment for service is from 10% to 50% of the item's worth. All the charges connected with obtaining certain permits, auction houses charges etc., incurs Antiquarian bookshop InterLibros.

A bank transfer is currently the only available form of payment.
Prices are listed without shipping and insurance cost. We send the goods upon recieving payment for pro-forma invoice that we send to you immediately upon recieving your order.

Our on-line catalgoue currently lists only a representative sample of our supply.
Please contact us, if you can't find some item of your interest on this site.